Difference between stool softeners and laxatives - September 1st, 2009

There is a big difference between a stool softener and laxative. Stool softeners will only soften the stools making it easier to pass where as a laxative forces you to go. Stool softeners are generally made of natural ingredients and will not give you that got to go feeling. But laxatives clean out the colon and force everything inside to have to come out. Laxatives are what people take when you see them running to a bathroom and can’t wait, they also can give you very bad gas and stomach cramps. You should also not use laxatives for more than a few days this will cause a dependency on them and you digestive tract will get all messed up and start to not function so you have to use them. Stools softness are great for you to use every day it will help you eliminate the problem of having to spend hours in the bathroom gripping the walls. They are also great for any one pregnant to help relieve the stress of pregnancy constipation. So if you have to use laxatives they are great but only for a while if your problem is more serious you should go see a Dr.

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