Activia - September 10th, 2009

If you are looking to get a leg up on your digestive system then you should really look into activia. It is a great way to get your protein and calcium and also help relieve your digestive tract. The probiotics in the yogurt make it a great way to help you get things moving. It is a lot better choice than turning to those colon cleansing products and all those pills they tell you to take. This is a better way because you don’t become dependent on it and you will be better off. It is like someone going on a crash diet compare to those who learn to eat right and eat things that are good for them instead of just limiting to the point they fall off the wagon and totally blow it. The great thing about activia is if you’re not a big breakfast eater you can grab this and go its easy and so yummy it makes a great breakfast and will help your digestive tract also. They have so many different flavors it is so yummy even your kids will eat it and if you have a kid like mine that has had many ear infections that his little tummy has no more good bacteria this will help get all those organs in order and working better.

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