A colon cleanse - September 6th, 2009

One of the best ways to help you get rid of and prevent hemorrhoids is by doing a colon cleanse which also helps to detox your body. If you watch TV at all you have heard all about detoxing your body and all the new products you can use to help you detox your body. The newest one I have seen is those foot pads you put on your feet to detox your body at night and they turn all black from all the toxins it is taking out of your body. Well let me just tell you they do not work. I tries them for a couple of days and I didn’t feel any different so I decided to just leave them out and see if they would do anything and they did they changed black just like if they had been on my feet so do not waste your money and do not buy this product. They are the right track because your feet are the most porous part of your body but as far as this product it does not work. You can go to a local spa and do the foot ion and that really does pull the toxins out.

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